"Can we have a little more average and a little less Joe, please?"
 We've redesigned (again!)

Don't You Love it!!! what you think and give us any suggestions for future modifications!

Coming very soon!

In the next few months, we will begin rolling out our latest tutorials. A few things in the works: tutorials for Photoshop 7, Flash MX and we just negotiated a deal with our good friend at MadmanGraphics for some really incredible Illustrator tutorials as well!

If there is a tutorial that you would like to suggest, drop us a line at tutorials@avg-joe.com and we'll see can do!

Tutorials by request... Now, that could get interesting!

Our plans just got better!

Due to increasing demands from our subscribers,
Avg-Joe Web Hosting
has decided to increase the breadth of our bandwidth support! Now, all of our plans have at least 40% more bandwidth!

We feature fast, dependable servers with better than 99.9% uptime and a 30-day moneyback guarantee if you aren't completely satisfied (first thirty days, of course!)

What do you have to lose? Find a plan that's right for you and find out why we are rated high in customer satisfaction!

 Web Hosting
Stop on by and check out our web hosting packages! These are fully featured plans that are very competetively priced. They start at just $8.50 a month!
 Web Design

The official Avg-Joe Design page is still in construction. However, if you have a project in mind, whether it be for web development or just some graphical support, feel free to drop me a line here.

Please include any specifics and an estimate of your budget for the project.

 The Forums

Woohoo!! XMB 1.6 is finally out! We are still modifying it to meet our needs, but feel free to stop in and suggest any changes!


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